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Friday, December 7, 2018

Tips for Keeping the Heat Inside This Winter

Tips To Keep Warmth Inside This Winter

With the cold months approaching quickly, many homeowners wonder how they could make this winter financially easier, how they could lower their heating bills. Here are a few tips that can help you keep the heat inside this winter:

  • Get a programmable thermostat – these devices are not very expensive and they are great for making sure that your heating is on high only when you need it in the house and not 24/7. These thermostats will turn on the heating at the times you set them to and will turn off the heating when the pre-programmed temperature is reached;
  • Seal the leaks – heat can escape through any hole or crack, even through the tiniest, invisible fissures. Inspect your walls paying special attention to the areas around the windows, the doors and where pipes enter your building and seal every gap with caulk or using other suitable material;
  • Check your attic insulation – the ceiling of your rooms is the largest surface through which heat can escape. Most ceilings need insulation from above, on the attic floor, with a blanket made from fiberglass, rockwool or other suitable material. Check the integrity of your insulation and also check the thickness of the blanket – if it is too thin, address the issue by adding an extra layer before the first frosts.  Find the right roofing professionals at https://www.jntdevelopers.com.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Construction Projects That Will Improve Your Business

Improving Your Building For Maximum Efficiency

There are many ways to improve your business – you can step up your marketing efforts, you can renew your inventory or expand the range of the service that you provide, or, if your business is based on a brick-and-mortar retail unit, you can improve its appearance with some remodeling or you can add warehouse space to be able to diversify your product range.

When it comes to business construction, your improvement can be either large or complex, the choice depends entirely on your intentions and on the budget that you can allocate. Small improvements, such as breaking down a few walls to create a larger, more welcoming customer space or an open office that can improve the productivity of your teams are not very expensive, but they make a huge difference. If your space is outdated and requires more substantial reconstruction and you are willing to invest more, you can have your entire building refreshed, with new fixtures, modernized stairs and new furniture. Building a new warehouse or extending your existing warehouse space is also a great idea, especially if you anticipate rapid growth and increased interest towards your products – you can choose to get a steel building and enjoy all the benefits of the advanced building solution, including quick assembly, high durability and affordability. Be sure to hire the contractors that make roofing Dallas TX businesses look easy.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

When Might A Business Need A General Contractor?

When Is A General Contractor Needed

When something needs to be repaired, maintained, installed or removed on the premises of your company, the best solution is probably to turn to a contractor who specialized in the type of work that you need. However, if the construction or remodelling process that you have in mind requires work performed by multiple different professionals, such as electrical work, plumbing, wall building and painting, you are better off handing over the responsibility to one general contractor.

General contractors are professionals who manage and coordinate complex building and remodelling projects. They have at least working knowledge in any of the trades involved in the project and they work with contractors who handle the specific processes in the project. Hiring a general contractor for a complex project will make it easier for you to have control over the entire process as well as to keep spending within budget limits and to ensure completion by the deadline you have agreed upon. Many general contractors provide not only coordination services, but they can also help their clients with the material purchasing phase. Most probably you will still make the payment for your building materials directly to the manufacturer or to the seller of the materials, but your contractor found here https://www.jntdevelopers.com/commercial-services/ can help you pick the right materials and he can handle the delivery-related issues on your behalf.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

How to Keep Your Business Alive During Commercial Construction

General Contractors Working With Business Owners

Commercial construction projects can be lengthy and they can cause lots of disruption in the way the business is run, but life cannot stop for the company during the construction. Although a good Dallas general contractor performing the job does what they can to not interrupt the business process around them.  Here are a few tips about how to keep your business alive during the construction:

  • Inform your clients about what the company is going through – try to anticipate the kind of disruption that the construction process is likely to cause and inform your key clients about upcoming issues, such as delivery delays – most clients appreciate this kind of honesty and stay faithful;
  • Know what is going on at all time – you need to know exactly how the construction project is evolving. Do whatever you can to avoid delays and to make sure all the deadlines can be met;
  • Have some funds for unexpected expenses – to make sure the process goes on schedule, your construction budget needs to include some funds for unexpected situations as well;
  • Involve you team leaders in the daily organization – you can transform the difficulties caused by the construction into opportunities to build team cohesion. Involve your teams into the day to day adjustments required by the construction and emphasize the importance of cooperation.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Questions to Ask During Your Tenant Build-Out Consultation

Ask The Right Questions For Your Buildout

Tenant build-out allowances are important components in lease contracts – many landlords provide tenant improvement allowances that make it possible for the tenant to retrofit the leased space to meet their specific needs and expectations. There are lots of important factors that need to be considered and accounted for during the tenant build-out consultation – here are some:

  • The type of the build-out – the two most common build-out structures are turn-key, in which the landlord takes care of the build-out and stated dollar amount structures, in which the tenant uses the amount of money provided by the landlord to execute the remodeling work. The type of the build-out will influence the monthly rent to be paid by the tenant, therefore you must make sure that all the related questions are clarified before signing the contract;
  • Details of the build-out process and insurances – the contractor that will be hired for the construction work, the project completion deadline are all essential for the success of the build-out process, so whichever build-out structure you choose, make sure you ask all the questions you can think of about the building materials used, the warranties offered by contractor like JNT Developers in Dallas are on the materials as well as on the labor and also find out about the insurance coverage provided in the policy taken out on the property.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Tops for Protecting Your Roof from Rain This Fall

Get Your Roof Ready For Fall Rain

Fall comes with lots of rain, it’s a fact of life and roofs need protection from the excessive amounts of water. If you want to make sure that your roof lives up to the challenge this year again, follow these simple steps:

  • Clean your roof – remove any debris from the surface of the roof and from the gutters as well. Clean the roof and the gutters from any dust, leaves and branches that have accumulated and then wash the roof with some water to be able to detect any leaks;
  • Inspect your roof while the weather is still dry – look for cracks, dents, holes, missing components, buckling or curling shingles, corrosion, any kind of damage;
  • Check the attic for any signs of water penetration – droplets of water in the attic are usually the first signs of roof leaks that need to be fixed before the rainy season arrives;
  • Figure out how to get the issues out of the way – some type of roof problems can be repaired by roofers Dallas TX employs, others require the replacement of the damaged part. If you are not sure about the best way to proceed, you can turn to a professional roofer for advice as well as for the repair.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Helpful Tips for Saving Money on Big Ticket Home Repairs

Save Money On Big Ticket Home Repairs

Large, big ticket home repairs and maintenance costs are necessary to keep all areas of your home in good working order. Whether you have trouble with your old utilities, you need new plumbing, or you just bought a house that requires a kitchen makeover, there are lots of possible changes and repairs you might want to consider.


A lot of people claim that it’s enough to set aside $1 per square foot or 1% of your home’s total price per year when it comes to big ticket repairs. However, this “rule of thumb” doesn’t always work, since some years the expenses involved might be much larger than you have estimated.


The best approach is to actually do the math and evaluate which repairs can be postponed and which of them can be replaced with other approaches. For example, instead of getting your old heating system repaired and upgraded, you might find that buying a brand new one is a much better investment in the long run, even if the cost of purchasing it and installing it might be higher for now.  Items like hiring a local Dallas roofing company out to install a new roof, it probably top priority, no pun intended.


The idea is to create a balance between your spending and income in such a way that you can address all your necessary repairs right off the bat, and avoid postponing the others too much. Doing so while making sure you set aside enough money every year is the ideal outcome you can aim for.

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